The Advice Chest

This is the advice I keep very close to me and dear, that I return back to in times of trouble.

-Find God in the Details of your life. You’ll be happier that way.

– You are going to live forever.

– 10 years from now, will it matter?

-You are NOT entitled to anything. You can only earn.

– Be nice to yourselfs kids, you know, when people try to give you a hard time.

-On the fine line between optimism and pessimism, be right in the middle by being neither.

– Never judge and always respect.

– Find that one friend that will allow you to be heard.

– We don’t know the whole story about anything. There is always something hiding in the dark that we most likely will never know. We will never see it but if you live your life thinking that the only story there is, is yours, then, not only will you  miss out on so much, you will lose so much.

– It’s OKAY to have questions.

-Calm down when you pray. Be calm. Relax.

– Don’t ever, EVER, live your life for someone else. What’s gonna happen to you then? You won’t be happy.

-Do, what makes you happy. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

-Value in a person is based on what makes them up. Don’t let looks fool you.

-Don’t ever give up.

Over the course of my very short life so far, I have heard these from many people, most of which are very special to me. Share with me yours!